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Specimen Collection

Clinpath Laboratories provide a collection service from AHA Seaford Meadows Day & Night Clinic.




7:30am - 1.00pm


Generally no appointment is necessary but you will need a referral from the doctor.


Some special tests such as glucose tolerance test or urea breath test require extra time and MUST be booked in prior to you attending.


ECGs are performed at AHA Seaford Meadows Day and Night Clinic  by appointment and the tracing can either be delivered direct to the doctor or it can be returned with a full cardiologist report.


Please note: ECGs and Holter Monitors are reimbursed under Medicare (bulk-billed). Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitors are not yet reimbursed under Medicare (there is no charge for DVA Gold Card holders) upfront payment is required at time of booking.


Please speak to our receptionist if you are having one of these tests.



Preparing for your test



AHA Seaford Meadows Day & Night Clinic